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Why learn Swahili?

Swahili is a fun and easy language to learn. It’s the easiest African language to learn for English speakers. Swahili also allows you to connect deeply with native speakers. Instead of saying “no problem”, you make a completely different impression when you say “Hakuna Matata”.

Did you know?

    • Swahili is a rich blend of languages. It borrows words from English, Arabic, Portuguese, German, and many other Bantu languages across Africa.
    • Swahili is spoken by around 100 million speakers across East and Central Africa
    • Swahili has no silent letters in any of its words.
    • Swahili is a phonetic language. Words are pronounced exactly the way they are written.

Expect to learn: 

    • Pronunciation
    • Greetings 
    • Common Phrases
    • Basic sentence construction
    • Comprehension of written Swahili
    • How to Dialogue 

…and more.

  Learn Swahili for as low as $10/lesson.  For personalized lessons: $15/lesson. Delivery: Online Duration: 1 Lesson/Week for 12 weeks.  
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