About Us

Upendo is a Swahili word that means Love. Upendo United Foundation  Inc. is a Non-Profit 501(C)3 Organization based in Newark, Delaware, and Nakuru, Kenya. We aim to remedy immediate challenges facing orphans and at-risk children in Nakuru, Kenya, and the USA. The overarching issues plaguing the area are hunger, juvenile homelessness, teenage pregnancies, lack of medical care, and lack of educational opportunities. Upendo’s Founder and President is Regina Reithii.


Our mission is to connect the USA and Kenya to serve orphans and at-risk children in Nakuru, Kenya, and Delaware, USA, with education, food, clothing, shelter, and medical needs


Our desire is to fulfill humanity’s greatest commandment of loving one another using our core values.


You can serve using your gifts and skills. Serving is a great way to give back to your community.


There are many ways to give: Financial donations or in-kind, a one-time or monthly donation of any amount are appreciated.


Connect us with your circle of influence, friends, family, business, or organization to support Upendo’s mission.