Trade/Technical school

As part of its long-term plan (5-7years), Upendo Foundation plans to set up a Technical/Trade school to impart life skills to area residents and especially to vulnerable youth. We envision a public-private partnership where students would be enrolled in a fee-based model. The trade school will offer short-term certificates and diplomas in programs such as agriculture technologies, plumbing, electrical-mechanical technologies, automotive technology, coding and web development.

Trade School Goal$7,448$500,000

Community Resource Center

Upendo plans to build a Community Resource Center with a goal of creating safe spaces and bridging informational divide. The Covid-19 pandemic exposed a dire scarcity of safe community spaces especially for at risk children. During the pandemic, there has been a surge in teenage pregnancies, increased gender violence, and a rise in the use of recreational drugs. The exigent circumstances created by the pandemic, prompted Upendo to initiate a low-budget solution by using repurposed shipping containers. The space will include a library, a computer lab, and an office. The center will incorporate a social outreach office and provide resources to at-risk, homeless children in their transition back to society.

Upendo considers land an essential component in actualizing our overall project plans. Land is an invaluable resource that creates growth opportunities for various projects. Currently Upendo’s projects operate on less than an acre property donated by its founder Regina Reithii, and our target is to acquire 10 acres. Our goal is to leverage land for expanded and supplemental economic activity such as growing grass and legume hay, sinking boreholes, additional greenhouse sites, space for the construction of a trade school and installing solar panels for energy independence.

Commercial horticulture/Greenhouse farming

Greenhouse are enclosed structures used for production of food crops. They are viable alternative due to limited acreage and they can be used all year round. We plan to grow food for local consumption and the export market. The target crops are vegetables, herbs, and legumes to meet local demand and the export market. We project that proceeds generated will support education, providing shelter, food, clothing and medical needs to the children we are serving.

Small-Scale Livestock production rearing Dairy Cattle and Dairy Goats

Livestock production will be an integral aspect of long-term sustainability as there is a huge demand for milk and other dairy by-products which in turn create value-addition opportunities and enhance economic viability.

Foundation Vehicle

Upendo Foundation’s project activities will involve a substantial movement of farm animal produce, livestock supplies and deliveries in and around the area. While transportation is available, it tends to be costly and not provide last-mile delivery services. Our Foundation would be well-served to have their own mode of transportation for these activities.

Community Outreach Program

Upendo has set up a response by partnering with local organizations in community outreach programs by providing food and essentials to orphans and vulnerable children in Delaware and Nakuru, Kenya.